SOL.jpg STEMulating Classroom Activities Resources

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Websites – Renata Copsey

Scratch Jr. for ipads


Scratch PDF starter guide

Program a Bug

The Robotic Arm Game

Email discussion thread that is wonderful

Carnegie Mellon Instruction Site

My Prezi

What is a Robot

Lego NXT Introductions


Damien Kee Videos

Damien Kee Website

Domabots website - instructions to build a simple robot for class lessons

Beginning Learning sites - site with beginning instructions. NXT Quick Start Guide quizlet basic key terms to introduce (with pics) Extremely extensive site with wonderful resources to begin a program

My class Line following lesson –Sumo Bot Competition

Janice Airhart- Resources


Edutopia Article- Project Based Learning and STEAM/STEM

Computer Coding

Science simulations (not free)

Roller Coaster Physics